Please light a candle for Jason on Monday March 2nd around noon so he may find his way to the bridge.  Jason's quality of life has been in decline for about about 1 month, the vet feels it may be his time to let him go.  So we decided this weekend he will get some extra spoiling when he is awake, on Monday he will be in my arms covered in my tears as he goes to the rainbow bridge feeling my love.  Thanks to CP for allowing me to foster this special boy, he was CP's Hawkeye in Nov.05, then became CP's Jason in Sept.07. 
Just wanted to send a couple of pictures to share with the group.  A couple of weeks ago Dad needed to run his boat so all the kids got to go for a ride; this may have been Jason's #2729 first boat ride in his life; we idled out of the neighborhood as it is a no wake zone and Jason was quietly lying close to the cabin up front.  Once Dad gave it gas to get on step Jason came running to the back barking at the noise the engines where making which of course where under the floor, but it did not take him long to settle and enjoy the ride.  Dad snapped a couple of shots with the kids piled in my lap, Jason is the cute blond boy (center) Annie is on my right side, we got her off of craigs list while going through the approval process with CP; she is a doll and has stolen Dad's heart (very good girl).  Unfortunately she has a healed ruptured cornea and is blind in her left eye our Vet is just keeping an eye on the condition.  Ian is my Cairn terror on the left but he is his mom's boy; this boy has all the qualications of the story on CP titled "Toto the other side of the story" he definitely lives in the moment.

Just wanted to send a few pictures of Jason CP's old man, will quickly explain these photos.  For Christmas we visited our son with his family, they have 2 little boy's (hellions LOL) age 3 & 4, these boys were wild with excitement over all toys and everything that was happening.  We kept our two Cairns and Jason put up in our bedroom on Christmas day while everything wild was going on.  That evening after the kids were in bed we let the fur babies come out to be with us.  Jason found the best spot in the house, he crawled under the Christmas tree, to enjoy peace while being with people.

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