Trenton and Truitt

Two of Burke's Brigade go ahead.

With only 10 short days to get Burke ready for raising her babies, I was relieved to hear there were only three or four. Little did we know that the reason we could not see the fourth and fifth babies was because they were sick and not growing correctly. They fought, these two little boys, but it was not to be. They were too sick and too small to fight. Burke, their Mom, was fighting an infection of her own. God took the sick ones and left Burke and the other babies for us to heal and send forward in life. Bless everyone who helped all of these cairns. Without this huge rescue family, they would all be in heaven with God.

Foster Mom Karen P

Every time we at Col. Potter have a puppy mill mamma birth, I am steeped in realizing what it must be like for the mamma to have puppies in such changed circumstances. She's not alone, she has a foster mom hovering, doting, checking, letting her know she's not alone and is special.
Not having to worry about one of her babies getting caught in the wire floor, or someone else stepping on them.
Being warm or cool, having water and milk to drink, food to eat, someone to take her outside to relieve herself and being able to walk around.
Having her babies by her side and having enough to eat and drink so that the babies are taken care of and well as herself.
Having someone help her to stay clean, help keep her babies clean, and help feed her babies as they grow.
Being able to stay with her babies until they are ready to leave their mom, teaching them so many social skills (well, as many as she knows, poor baby herself).
Having a safe place to leave her babies so she can get out and stretch her legs - and later, so she can escape for a few darned minutes.
Having a helper that will step in and feed the babies when she can no longer supply everything they need, knowing it will be good food for the babies.
Being around your babies long enough to say a joyful 'Goodbye!' to them as they leave for their forever homes.


Sadly, this time all the love in the world was not enough. Little Burke had five big babies - two girls and three boys. The two littlest boys, Trenton and Truitt, did not make it through the first 24 hours.