A dear friend of mine works in our animal shelter. She sent an e-mail about a dog that was put in the shelter's drop cage. Marion said: Please tell me this is a Cairn?, and yes it is a Cairn. Today I went on my lunch hour to pick up our young lady and bring her to my vet for her exam, shots and boarding. We named her Davida after one of the vets in the clinic. Davida is about 3 years old and sweet as pie. When I picked her up, she gave me kisses.

Several years ago, our shelter installed drop cages, because people would dump their dog or cat off at the shelter in the middle of the night. There is a very busy highway right next to the shelter and a lot of animals got killed when they tried to follow their owner. The drop cages are in a small shed type building with 3 walls so the front is open.

The night Davida was dropped off was the coldest night we had in Columbia SC this season. Luckily, in the winter, the shelter has staff that checks the cages twice every night.

This morning I got the call that you never want to get. My Vet called and told me that when they came in this morning, they found Davida dead in her run. She was fine when they checked on her last night at around 10 pm. Davida had a heart attack or a blood clot. Davida was spayed on Thursday, at the shelter. My Vet said the only thing that she can make sense of is that Davida had a reaction to the spay. Because we have no medical history on Davida, we don't know if she had any heart or clot issues in her past. All I know she died in peace and in a warm place, not in the shelter. She was all curled up on her bed, so it must have happened while she was sleeping. I am still in shock. Please light your candle

Col. Potter had great hopes that Davida would be adopted into a loving home. She was announced on our working group and everyone loved her immediately so she did not die without having a family

One Final Goodnight

One final goodnight - then released from the pain -
The anguish of spirit - the dreams dreamed in vain.
Though brief was your time here, you captured my heart
That vowed not to love you, but now breaks apart.
From you I've learned patience and courage and trust;
That loving brings pain, but love we all must.
From you I've learned strength of the spirit, and then
from you I've learned not to say "never again".

Go back to the Giver of all lovely things -
Go quickly, my sweet, and let your heart take wings.
Just know I've learned so many lessons from you,
and shall never forget them - this promise is true.
Your total devotion made my life so bright.
I shall always adore you - Goodnight, Love, Goodnight.