Winnie's Babies
Eeyore and Piglet

November 13, 2006

Toward the end of the first Winnie the Pooh book, Pooh (a bear of very little brain), thinks of the solution to save Piglet's life by floating to save him in an umbrella. For that, Christopher Robin has a special party and celebrates Pooh's 'grand deed' of saving Piglet's life, by giving him a present.

Our Winnie had a similar challenge. Having survived 7 years in the puppymill, she arrived at CP the first week in October. Her little body was worn out from the struggle; flea nests, ringworm, malnourished and unexpectedly, she was pregnant.

Last week we celebrated the birth of Winnie's two sweet puppies: Eeyore and Piglet. But even with all of the good food and help Dr. Grundy and her staff were able to give her over the past month, Winnie's body was too used up. It was impossible for her to give them strong and healthy bodies. This morning, when Dr. Grundy arrived, Eeyore and little Piglet had died. Nothing was visibly wrong with them and Winnie hadn't hurt them. Their bodies just weren't strong enough to survive.

So now, celebrate with me Winnie's 'grand deed'. Against all odds, like mothers before her, she gave everything she had to give saving the lives of 2 little beings so that they were able to live for 4 days as Colonel Potter's kids. Unlike the conditions in the puppymill, they were born to soft blankets and warmth and all the tender care Dr. Gundy and her staff could give them. If Winnie had stayed in the puppymill, they probably would never have have been born at all. Winnie probably wouldn't have survived this whelping, either.

As her present, let's give her everything she needs to grow healthy and strong and ready for her forever home. And when she's ready, let's send her home with the knowlege that life is good and there are good people that love her.

I'll be picking Winnie up next Sunday and bringing her home so she can learn to love life by romping and playing with my family: Maggie (who will mother her), Stewart (with his joie de vivre), Cider (still fresh from the puppymill, scared, but needing mothering herself), and Jordan (who tells all new PM kids how great it is to be at our house). Hopefully, having other dogs around her will cheer her up from losing her babies.

This is why we rescue. To help the ones we can. Kiss your furbutts and remind them how good they have it.

Stacey, Maggie, Jordan, & Stewart
St. Louis, MO