Hattie's Babies
Afriel and Grundy
Sep 5, 2006 10:06 PM

First thing this morning my phone rang at the office. It was our wonderful vet's office. I assumed they were responding to my email of this weekend for a status update on all the furkids and the pregnant mama.

WELL, SHE'S NOT PREGNANT ANYMORE!!! Last night our vet checked on her at 6:00 PM. The kennel help left at 10:00 PM. Nothing was happening then; no heavy panting, temperature was normal, no milk yet, ate her dinner, all the usual signs were missing. This morning when the first kennel help arrived at 6:00 AM they walked in to find a mom and SEVEN puppies!!!

Our story, however, is bittersweet. This afternoon I called back for a Puppy Update. Unfortunately, I was told that one little girl didn't make it. The vet staff had noticed starting about mid-morning that the mom kept pushing this little girl away and leaving her in the corner. The staff tried to reintroduce her repeatedly, but finally this afternoon, they found her dead in the corner. We believe she wasn't quite developed enough and mom knew this ... While I don't have all the information on all the puppies and others in this group to give them names yet, I have named this little girl Afriel who is the Protector of Children and Young Animals Angel. Little Afriel didn't have very long on this earth, but she was born into freedom and is very much loved and will not be forgotten. This would not have been the case had she been born a couple of days sooner while still in the PM, or if we had not been able to get them out on Saturday and her mom was still there today. Please light a candle for little Afriel ...

Sep 10, 2006 11:03 AM

It is with great sadness that I tell you that another one of Hattie's precious little babies has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Little boy, Grundy, died very early this morning. Maybe little Afriel needed a playmate and summoned him. Go with Godspeed little Grundy and enjoy a full and wonderful life at the Rainbow Bridge that you did not get to have here on earth. Please light a candle for little Grundy ...

Here is a picture of Hattie and six of her babies.

The first one to die was the smallest of all the puppies, just several ounces. When Grundy died, he weighed less than six ounces while his big sister weighed almost 10. Grundy is the tiny pup up that you can only see part of. The other little one at the rear is the little girl we are watching, but she seems to be doing good. Grundy never nursed, he didn't have the strength to self nurse, and Shelby is nursing here. When I saw all our efforts were failing and Grundy would leave us soon, I gently stroked him and said good bye. Less than 10 minutes later he had gone to the Bridge. I gently picked him up and showed him to Hattie before taking him away. I then held him as I cried for his life not yet lived. Lori