Time to Zoom your way to Dad!
Shawnee is 14 years old and was surrendered by his owners who had to go to a nursing home and could not take him with them. Shawnee is a loving old man who just wants to be around you all the time. He follows you everywhere you go.

These days, Shawnee is totally deaf and has cataracts in each eye so he has limited vision. He has bad arthritis in his knees and elbows as well. And while he was very sweet, his breath was so bad you could smell it across the room. We knew he had some rotten teeth, so we ran tests to see if he was healthy enough for a dental. Several different tests were run, blood panels, urine analysis, etc and we found out he was in trouble. This led to other tests that confirmed terminal cancer in a huge tumor on his side. While he is very stoic, he must be in pain.

We are very sad for Shawnee, but we also know he lived a wonderfully happy life with his previous owners. CPCRN will take care of, love and adore Shawnee until it is his turn to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

In his previous home, in younger days, Shawnee used to ride in a side car of a motorcycle with his"dad". He even had a special helmet made just for him. What a cute sight that must have been! My wish for Shawnee is that a motorcycle is waiting on the other side of the bridge to take him away!


Don't you love the image of Shawnee with his tongue lolling out of his face in the wind on a motorcycle! This a story of his former life. Today, he gets to ride again. Happy, eyes alight with sight, riding in the wind once again, his favorite thing.

God Bless you little one.

Shawnee is with all of our kids who have passed before him. And while he awaits the people he loved all of his life, he will also rush up to his foster moms Kristy and Ryn with love and joy, for her loving arms and tears as he rushes to play once again in youth and light.