Beautiful Boy
Written by John Lennon

Close your eyes,
Have no fear,
The monsters gone,
He's on the run and your Mommy's here,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,

Before you go to sleep,
Say a little prayer,
Every day in every way,
It's getting better and better,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,

Out on the ocean sailing away,
I can hardly wait,
To see you to come of age,
But I guess we'll both,
Just have to be patient,
Yes it's a long way to go,
But in the meantime,

Before you cross the street,
Take my hand,
Life is just what happens to you,
While you're busy making other plans,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,
Darling, Darling,

Darling Lennan

Thursday, 28 July 2005

Lennan is my name! Somehow I got lost from my home and ended up in a shelter. Unfortunately, while I was lost and had no one to care for me, I ended up with heartworms. Thank goodness the good folks at Colonel Potter came and rescued me! My foster mom took me to the doctor and I had my first treatment of heartworm meds. They didn't make me feel too good. I heard foster mom talking to Mr. Doctor and I have to go back again in August for my second treatment...whatever that means...

Foster Mom here: Lennan is an adorable one year old little boy. He is wheaten in color with BIG brown eyes, a bit of an underbite and weighs in at 14 lbs. Life on the road must have been hard for Lennan as he is mistrusting of those he doesn't know. He is learning that life with humans is not such a bad thing -- he has a plush bed to sleep on, a stuffie of his very own to play with, clean water, regular meals and treats! Lennan is smart and already answers to his name, is very good about going into his crate, has pretty much mastered walking on a leash, and barks when he has to go potty -- no accidents! Lennan also gets along great with the other dogs in foster mom's home. Currently, he is working on the 'sit' command and positive socialization with people outside his foster home.

Lennan is learning that human hands don't always hurt doggies, but can be filled with loving caresses, gentle petting and lots of scritches (ahhh....scritches!) He is very shy on the one hand, but really, REALLY wants to bust loose and let his cairnness hang out. You can just see it in him. His eyes light up and twinkle whenever his foster mom gives him attention -- it will just be a matter of time before Lennan truly shines!

Friday, 29 July 2005

Lennan is very sweet and at 14 lbs, he's on the boney side and could stand to put on a pound or two. He is every bit a little kid and loves to amuse himself with his stuffie or mess up his bed! Lennan is very smart -- he already knows his name, 'outside,' 'come,' 'biscuit.' He is learning to walk better on a leash and 'sit.' He is very good about not going in his crate.

This boy is very weary of strangers and the physical human touch (hand contact) -- probably due to his experiences when in the streets.

In the two weeks he's been with me, Lennan has gotten used to me and realizes that he is in a good place. Recently, I've even been the recipient of some Lennan kisses and caught a glimse of a little twinkle in his eye instead of that look of fear/mistrust. This is the start of something good!

Wednesday, 17 Aug 2005

Lennan is heartworm positive. When he came to me one month ago, he started his heartworm treatment and was sent home with me and had a bad reaction to the deadly medication. This is the first experience I've had with a heartworm positive dogger -- he had me scared half to death! Many thanks to Sandy for her encouragement and reassuring words.

This morning I took my little sweetie in to the vet for the 2nd half of his heartworm treatment -- he will be receiving 2 injections of the killer med over 24 hrs, but this time they are keeping him for observation for 2 nights.

Please keep Lennan in your thoughts and prayers that he won't suffer as badly as he did with the first round of meds. I feel so badly for him.....

Sunday, 28 Aug 2005

Lennan received the final two injections of the deadly heartworm meds. This required an overnight stay at the vet so he could be observed for an adverse reaction. When the vet tech brought him out, he was so scared and trembling like crazy. Poor boy probably thought he was going to be poked some more! The good news: blood test came out negative for baby heartworms - YAY! Now Lennan will continue to be kept quiet for another 4-6 weeks while the rest of the adult heartworms die and are reabsorbed into his system. He's going to be just fine!

Since Lennan must be confined/kept quiet while convalescing from the heartworms, foster mom keeps his wire crate located in the middle of the house, so Lennan doesn't feel excluded from all the activity in the home. From his vantage point, things couldn't be better! A comfortable bed to sleep on, regular meals, lots of sweet talking from someone who cares, scritches, and b-i-s-c-u-i-t-s! YUMMMMMM!!!

Lennan gets plenty of breaks from the crate for on-leash potty time and snugglin time. Lennan has really opened up and loves to snuggle! He bats his eyes and just about turns inside out when he knows he's going to get loved on - he's earned the nick-name of little wiggle-worm! He wiggles and wriggles with excitement and then holds very still on foster mom's lap, leaning against her, just soaking up the scritches.... 'Oh, that feels soooo good!'

While Lennan is convalescing, traffic in the foster home is kept to a minimum. Lennan is still very shy/fearful with people he doesn't know and is not too keen on them coming and going. He is slowly learning the lesson from foster mom, that she is in charge of who comes and goes, and that this should not be his concern - he is safe!

Lennan is going to make someone a great little companion! He loves attention and makes a big to do playing with his stuffies or messing up his pallet so foster mom will look at him and adore him. He's really become quite the little hambone!! Lennan gets along very well with the resident dogs. He does not have an alpha personality and knows his place in the pack. Lennan watches them closely, learning and taking queues from them, looking forward to the day that he can interact and play with them. This little kiddo is not only adorable, but smart too!!

Saturday, 1 Oct 2005

Lennan has developed immune-related hemolitic anemia. From what I'm understanding about this, his immune system is attacking his red blood cells like it would attack a virus. Whereas a normal red blood cell count should be in the 40-something range, Lennan's is only at 13 -- a very dangerous level!! To stop his system from eating up any more red blood cells, he needs to be on steriods and an antiobiotic.

Being that it's Saturday night (no vets are open on a Sunday) Lennan has been checked into animal emergency for a blood transfusion (to quickly get that red blood cell count up) and IV fluids containing steriods and doxycycline. It's estimated that his chances of pulling through this are 50/50.

Friends, it's only been since Thursday I noticed a change in Lennan -- not eating, not very spunky, just very sad. I took Lennan to the vet early friday morning and he was placed on antiobiotics for an infection of an unidentifiable nature. Lennan did not perk up by this morning, so I called the vet again and got an afternoon appointment where my vet took some blood and discovered how low his red blood count was -- Lennan went downhill VERY FAST.

Monday, 3 October 2005

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Near the end of his confinement, Lennan was feeling great! In his wire crate, he would bat his big beautiful brown eyes at me as I cooed his name at him, picking up a stuffie and shaking the livin' heck out of it and then doing the same to his bedding to get me to give him an ADORING look. 'I WANT YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION NOW,' he would say. he'd go, 'grrrr.....grrrrrrrrr.....bark, BARK, BARK!,' with those eyes just a twinklin'! (oh...those eyes!!) I would then unlatch his crate door, he would run out and jump up onto the couch into my lap, putting his head down to be loved on. I'd scritch his head, messaging his ears and shoulders, telling him how much I loved him and cooing his name again and again. Then he'd roll onto his back (looking up at me with that cute underbite smile of his) for tummy rubs! My reward would be sweet, tender little Cairn kisses.... then he'd dart off into one of the many dogger beds I have scattered here in the front room and roll around in it - 'AAAAAHHHHHH!'

Lennan got to be silly, but in such a sweet, loving, low-key kinda way while being treated for the dreaded hw's. He came to love to be loved and it was my pleasure to love him. I miss my little Bubba so (mmmm.....those beautiful eyes!).

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Lennan deserved much better, he deserved a longer life, he deserved a chance. A chance is what CP gave Lennan. Lennan was found as a stray in the Jacksonville, FL area, so there was little known about Lennan except he was heartworm positive, he was young, and he was scheduled to be PTS the next day.

Lennan was transported to Linda S. who agreed to take on the challenge of Lennan's heartworm treatment. Even though Lennan had to be kept quiet and crated for most of his three months with Linda, he learned what love and caring from a human was from his foster mom Linda. She would hold and cuddle him on the couch every night so he would feel love. Lennan was very shy and frightened when he arrived at Linda's but soon was craving his foster mom's love and attention.

As so many other CP kids before Lennan, he should have had a wonderful, long life in his forever home, but it was not to be. Lennan had three wonderful months with Linda and that is what is important. He went to the Rainbow Bridge in his foster mom's arms who could not have loved him more.

Someone I once worked with said that every life is like a book. Some books are long and some books are short, but you can't judge the quality of the content by the length of the book. Lennan's book was short, but it was filled with quality and a very important lesson. Heartworm is a killer, even with treatment, heartworm is a killer!

Valerie K.

Regular Heartworm prevention is required in many areas of the United States. If you don't currently give heartworm preventative, please ask your vet about getting it. Not only is the actual heartworm disease fatal, but many of the treatments to eliminate it once infected are very hard on the dogs and can weaken their immune systems.

All Col. Potter dogs have tested negative for heartworm and are on preventative at adoption.