Friday, 2 December 2005

Please meet Hero, a 4-5 year old cream colored male cairn that was pulled from a shelter in Murfreesboro, TN. We were contacted by the shelter that they had a cairn who was afraid and was biting and asked us to come and get him. Hero had been abandoned there by his family who said they did not have room for him anymore, even though they said he had been kept outside in the back yard his whole life.

When I got to the shelter, I found Hero to be filthy, smelly, and afraid. When I went in the run with him, he ran from me and cried out as if in pain and tried to bite me when I reached to touch him. I thought he must be injured to behave this way ... or really I hoped he was injured and that we could fix him. Once at my vet's office, we struggled to muzzle Hero so my vet could examine him thoroughly. Unfortunately, my vet could find no physical injury to Hero, no broken bones that we could fix. Hero showed signs of brain damage and severe abuse. My vet said that Hero's biting behavior was probably partly because of his neurological condition and partly because of his fear that any touch would be a bad touch.

We boarded Hero at the vet until today, hoping that his behavior would improve and that he would relax and allow someone to touch him. But there was no improvement, and it became apparent that the damage done to Hero has been too great and that the only kind thing we could do for him was to release him from his emotional pain and allow him to go home to God. I was with Hero as he went to sleep, finally relaxing enough at the end that I could hold him and pet him and show him the love he deserved. I told him how loved he was by all of us and how sorry I was for what we had to do. He is at peace now. Even though this was a hard decision for Danielle to make today, and she cried as she gave the authorization, I know that sometimes it is the kindest and best thing we can do.
Susan B, Hero's Foster Mom

Friday, 2 December 2005

I SO OFTEN WISH AND PRAY that we knew or know the full stories . . . that people who especially turn in their pets would have enough of a foresight to actually tell the shelters that the dog has bitten and how or the dog is dying of cancer or one who has had a major illness and they can't watch their dog die or can't afford treatment. This would help so many rescue groups.

BLESS SUSAN'S HEART . . . she held Hero, a dog that she got from the shelter KNOWING that the shelter was going to put him down due to the problems that they were having with him . . . and she said a silent prayer that MAYBE . . . JUST MAYBE Hero was so afraid that he was acting out. This was sadly, not the case.

BLESS Susan's vet also, who was honest with her from the first exam when she was told that he saw psychological or brain damage or an injury due to rapid eye pulsations/movement. This typically is a brain disorder. Where the injury came from, I shudder to think . . . however there is or was a chance it possibly could have been improper breeding or a problem at birth that took a while to manifest.

HERO, you knew love . . . it was short, but you did not die alone . . . you had your new Mom who had high hopes for your happiness, and you have the Col. Potter family here to help guide your way to the bridge little guy. YOU AND OTHERS in your place are OUR HEROES . . . you have suffered in silence . . . however you left very loved.

Warm hugs to you Susan . . . we know you hurt now.

Susan: Believe me I know how difficult this is. Hero deserved more, but it was not to be for him. His last week on this earth, he was safe, warm, had somewhere soft to sleep, fresh food and water and most importantly, no one trying to hurt him. It may have been the best week of his life.

Run free Hero, with no fear, abuse or discomfort! I know my foster, Gunnar, will be there to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge and let you know there is no fear or abuse anymore.

Oh Susan, thank you for being there for Hero. I know how difficult that was for you and Danielle as I've been there too. My babies Janna and Cammie sat right in front of me when I started to cry so I had to tell them all about Hero. God speed little Hero! I hope Elfie and Dougall welcomed you and told you how much you are loved.
Bonnie B.

Susan: Though my tears I see an angel holding little Hero as he passes from the pain into joy. Bless you and CP for giving this little boy a week of love and caring, a warm bed and soft voices. He so deserved more.
Sandy T.

My heart goes out to you Susan, how difficult this must have been for you. This little dog came so close to a life of love. My candle is lit here in NJ for our Hero.
Pat H.

This is the reason for the words on the Col. Potter's Kid page - the memorial pages for our Foster Dogs who never make it to their forever homes but are always remembered in our hearts. I'm not sure who wrote these words but they are the truth. Hugs to you.

Susan: Setting a tortured spirit free is one of the most selfless things I can think of to do. It really requires setting aside all the "what ifs" that run through your mind, telling yourself that some heartache on your part is nothing compared to the agony dogs like Hero go through every second ... I don't think many of us can even imagine that kind of agony.

So, while a tough job, you have given Hero the kindest gift anyone could ... a few moments of peace before going over the Bridge.
Beth A.

Angels Unaware
by Michael W. Smith

Maybe there's a light in my soul
Maybe it flickers like a neon sign
Outside an abandoned hotel
Maybe there are things you just can't know
But can you say there are no mysteries
In the house you choose to dwell
Maybe we are entertaining angels unaware

Maybe there's a place where we can fly
But some say God is dead like Nietzsche said
And faith has made me a fool
But maybe there is more than meets the eye
Who's that stranger there beside you?
Don't be smug and don't be cruel
Maybe we are entertaining angels unaware

Battles of the heart and of the mind
We stay caught in mental purgatory
'Til our existence can be defined
Meanwhile on the shores of parallel
There may be a Holy conference held somewhere
Discussing all mankind
Maybe we are entertaining angels unaware
Maybe we are entertaining angels unaware
Angels unaware