Hallmark came to us as a bite risk, but we hoped that love and comfort could turn him around. Sometimes we take a chance that the bites before rescue were caused by neglect or cruelty, and that they aren't a permanent part of the dog's makeup. We know that taking this chance means that not all we take in will pass out of our hands to a permanent home, and that some must pass from this life if they cannot be turned around. We cannot chance placing an unprovoked biter.

When Hallmark was not biting, he was a lovely sweet boy. Hallmark had a game that he loved to play with cardboard 'boats'. He would take one and shake and kill it, then bring it back for you to offer to him again! His foster mom Pat was considering adopting him, but his biting ways became too much.

Hallmark's aggressive behavior had escalated to the point that we wanted a licensed behavorist to evaluate him. He was transported and boarded with a vet so he could be evaluated by both the vet and the behavorist. During his stay at the vets, he had multiple biting incidents involving different people with no provocation or warning. Sadly, both the behavorist and the vet agreed that he could not be rehabilitated.

May 6, 2005 Once the decision was made, a CPCRN volunteer from that area went to be with Hallmark so that he could cross the bridge in Col. Potter's loving arms. Please take a moment to mourn yet another dog who had to leave this world too early due to bad breeding practices and or abuse.

by Pat McKinney

I have a collection of memories of you,
At first, frightened of never knowing friendship again,
Of never belonging.

I had so little time, And I could only offer - what?.
How was life once known to be reborn?

You jumped on the bed as I lay reading,
And began to lick my feet.
You laid beside my chair, where my hand
Would touch your head.

One day you learned to run in circles and dodge
Around the other, running for joy, for life.

Then one day you came and sat close by my side
As I lay reading in the cool blue room.
Sat bolt upright in the curve of my arm,
Regarding me steadily and gravely.

My attention caught, I held you between my arms,
Hands on your shoulders, caressing your softness,
And regarded you in your way, steadily and gravely.

Several minutes passed, slowly and quietly,
Something was said, something was understood.
We knew each other.

You are gone now, but I still see you looking at me so gravely -
So quietly and so tenderly.
Goodbye, my friend.