This is Baliff - at least that was his name for the seven days that he lived in freedom outside of a puppy mill. In those seven days he experienced many firsts - the first time anyone held him and hugged him and kissed him - the first time he felt love and kindness from a human. Baliff played with his first toys during those seven days; and for the first time he had enough food to eat and cold water to drink. For the first time he had a name, he had a new mommy just waiting for her four month old puppy to come home, and a whole organization that celebrated because another one was saved from the horrors of a puppy mill.

Baliff also got something just as important during those seven days - he received his first medical care. His first puppy vaccinations vaccinations that would have cost the puppy miller a dollar if he cared enough and that one dollar might have saved his life. If Baliff would have had been vaccinated, he might have lived to enjoy the new life that was waiting for him in Virginia. Instead, because Baliff had no immune system built up in his little body, he died a painful death from parvo. One dollar for a vaccination that he could have received in the puppy mill may have prevented this.

Baliff was one of the 244 dogs auctioned off from an Amish puppy mill on March 5th. There were 147 dogs auctioned off the night before. One of the dogs sold on Friday night had parvo - and exposed every dog there to this awful disease. These dogs were guaranteed to be in perfect health - there was even a vet on the premises that inspected every dog to make sure they were in perfect health. This dog not only had parvo - she died on Friday night before the auction was over. The men that ran the auction knew this, yet they said nothing - no warning on Saturday that the dogs have been exposed to parvo. The auction went on so the dollars could be made but no dollars, not even one, used to protect the dogs that make them a profit.

Because of the contributions made to Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, Baliff had a chance. He had a chance to make it to that new home in Virginia, he had a chance to survive the parvo because of the medical treatment that we could provide to him he didn't die alone in a cold, dark puppy mill, but surrounded by those who came to love him in those seven days of freedom.

Baliff had a special toy , which was a toy with a sun and a moon on it, and we all hoped that the Sun and the Moon and the Stars would line up for Baliff as they did on his toy. He knew his toy, he loved it.

Please light a candle tonight for Baliff -- hopefully, Rascal took the slow way to the Bridge and they got there together -- and please pray that the other three puppies that were rescued with Baliff will be ok --

Dear Father, hear and bless
Thy beasts and singing birds:
And guard with tenderness
Small things that have no words