Did you see a spark in the sky yesterday?

It was Theo soaring on the wings of our love to his place at the bridge. He was greeted by all of our babies that have gone before him. His eyes are shining bright with renewed vision, he can see the squirrels scampering up and down the trees. He is free to be the young pup that he so desperately needed to be.

Bob and I needed one more day with Theo before we could let him go and I'm sorry that I didn't keep you all up to date, but I just couldn't put it in words.

Bob and I are doing ok.....we can't believe that he is gone....yet we KNOW that he is in a far better place than we all struggle in each day.

Thanks to everyone for the continued prayers and the burning candles. I think of the light Theo saw on his way and am so Thankful that all of you were in his life. Smile and laugh when you think of Theo....Theo can now see and hear the joy he gave to us.

Thank you, Colonel Potter for allowing us to be Theo's safe harbor.....we wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Theo, your time here on Earth was short.....but your legacy will live long in each little needy soul that finds it's way to the loving arms of Colonel Potter.

His trust in me was the greatest gift he could give me. When he first came, we only sat cuddled when he was muzzled and fighting, snapping and snarling. His whole body would quiver from the strain of losing control...he would pant and whine.

Yesterday, in my arms, he lay relaxed and trusting.....Thank you, my little boy

Theo has been to the vets so many times in the 10 or so months in fostering (remember, Lynell was his second foster, he bit and attempted to bite at his first home). Theo has had every medical test imaginable, including full body x-rays, various blood testing [trying to find some medical reason for his actions]. He has had monthly hormone shots, a personal obedience trainer and Lynell has worked her buns off on a daily basis with the continued training. The poor little guy has been through just about everything. This is just one of those times that we all tried so hard and no matter what Lynell and Bob did, saving Theo was not in the master plan . . . There obviously are bigger plans ahead of Theo that we are not aware of.

Dear Theo, whom Lynell did everything she possibly could to rescue from the demons which not only haunted him, but over which he had no control. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars were spent trying everything we, and Lynell, could possibly think of, to save this little boy. Every behavior modification technique, every training tool, every physical test available was undertaken to try to rehabilitate this little one. No expense was spared. But more importantly, no act of human kindness and love… no method of behavior modification and retraining was overlooked in an all-out attempt to save Theo. Lynell and her husband endured many painful and potentially debilitating injuries in a fierce attempt to save Theo from himself. Alas, his demons were too firmly entrenched, too enormous and long standing to be overcome. Theo was loved and adored the entire time he was in Lynell's care. And he was loved and helped to the only place where he could, at long last, find peace…at the Bridge. August 6th, 2003, saw our last loss. But not, by any means, our least. Theo stands as a testament to the desperate need for organizations like CPCRN, and for the profound need for humane and loving treatment of all God's creatures…so the demons that destroyed Theo are banished from the hearts and souls of these wonderful little dogs forever more.

Theo's Story