Dear Folks, We have a little old man way up in Washington State whose owners decided that he had to go to rescue when they got a new home. He is a bit incontinent, blind, and so old,,, 14,,, sigh.Well, Ginni and her husband took him in to foster. And he has been happy there. But he keeps getting infections one after another and his time here on earth is getting very short. Ginni and her husband will keep him there until his final day and bury him under a shady spot that he loves so. Please say a prayer for Ginni and Hubby as they help Teddy through his final days here on earth and help him to find his way to the rainbow bridge when the time comes to say goodbye. Their hearts are the size of TEXAS,,, and I am sure they could use a bit of our support and love about now.

I truly believe in the Lord, who loves all his creatures.

Teddy's head infection is still evident, in spite of antibiotics and my daily gentle rinsing. The miracle is that he's as alert and happy as we've ever seen him! His skin problems are cleared up, and I think he feels the happier for it. We took him to our cabin this weekend, which makes him even more happy. It is an answer to prayer that Teddy is as active and alert as he is! However, his head is not improving. There's just a little opening there, but it refuses to close or heal. It seems like a tumor is there too.

I've been adding small bits of fresh fruits and veggies from our garden to Teddy's meal: cut up green beans, muskmelon, chard, squash, tomatoes, or egg plant, etc. So he's getting 3 beans or something else each meal, and he's doing great. Teddy is the most alert, active, and happy since we've had him. His coat is growing in shiny and healthy. It almost seems like his eye sight is better. I haven't observed any of the poor motor control in his legs either. He romps around in the yard and spends time just hanging out with me, looking for pats or treats. The old guy is amazing! He's getting younger each day :-). A married couple at the vet's office thought Teddy was just darling, so the man put his face up to Teddy's and kissed him on the nose. (A dumb thing for a stranger to do) Teddy returned the kiss with one of his own. Likewise, people on the paved river trail, where we take him for wagon rides, think he's wonderful. This is the kind of cute, sweet dog Teddy is. However, his sore is still draining, but the drainage looks less pussy, and more clear. Our Vet said that, if the sore does not heal, his best guess is that Teddy has a malignancy, which his body has simply been doing a good job at keeping arrested, holding it as good as it is.

Tues I took Teddy to the vet to get his stitches out. The vet took him in the back room to pull 'em out and cleaned off some of the dead skin, then came back smiling ear to ear, and showed me the culprit on a piece of gauze! In this area of the country we have chickweed grass with seeds that are sharp, shaped like arrows, which get under an animal's skin to thence travel (in one direction), even, as the vet explained, to internal organs. They are nasty! They have been known to rupture ear drums and tear up muscles. We don't have heart worm and very few fleas in WA, but we have this nasty grass. Where Teddy picked up the seed, I'll never know. There's none in our back yard. Teddy's head is healing at last! No more open sore, no drainage, no puss. He'll soon grow some hair on his bald patch. I'm learning so much about taking care of old dogs from Teddy, ... and dog's health in general.

Teddy and I have an appt at 2:30 PST for Teddy to go home. I will go straight from there to the mountains, our cabin. I will put Teddy's dear old, worn-out body in the wooden box, which stood in during his wagon rides, and bury him on a hill near our cabin that looks up to the mountains. Cambo, our cairn, and I will stay at our cabin until Friday. Silly of me to think Teddy would be lonely without us around
What a blessing Teddy had to be a part of the rescue network! He would not have had 5 months of good health and happiness if you hadn't offered this opportunity. Jim and I would not have had this opportunity to love Teddy. Even though Teddy was old, he was a creature of worth, valued by God. We will miss Teddy badly. He was our old kid and Cambo's gentle, loving companion.
Teddy says goodbye and gives you a little lick. Perhaps if you look up to the clouds tonight, you may see him playing and romping in the hills with the Good Shepherd. In sincere appreciation and love,

My dear friends. Teddy is over the Rainbow Bridge now. Please remember that without all of your loving support on all of our many fundraisers, that the Teddy's of the world could not have had such a wonderful ending since many rescue groups don't take dogs that are anything less than young and in good health. WE KNEW that Teddy was none of those when we said he would be a CP boy.
You are blessed. Danielle

I am so overwhelmed from the compassion of friends in the network. I cannot put into words my heartfelt gratitude. I didn't know that candles would be lit. I knew that Bonnie would light a candle, but not other people. I was alone at the cabin after I buried Teddy... But I felt peace and love from somewhere. I didn't feel alone.
The next day, after I buried Teddy, was one of the loveliest of autumn days I have experienced in the mountains. Now I know where the peace that passes understanding came from! God passed on the care and love of all our friends in CPCRN. Jim and I are truly blessed to be a part of this network! All the dear dogs have and are blessed. I have read all the loving messages. I am now crying in knowledge of God's great connection with his creatures on this earth... 2 legged and 4 legged.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience love for and from you all. May I have the chance to return it. Ginny and Jim Lundeen in WA state

On October 15th, 2003, CPCRN mourned the last Cairn we lost that year. Teddy Bear was also the oldest, at the ripe old age of 15 when he crossed the Bridge. His foster Mommy, Ginny Lundeen, loved this little old man so much. He had been in her loving care for over 5 months, and had been doing quite well. He was reasonably healthy and very happy until the very end. But his health deteriorated quickly, and we all knew it was his time. Ginny held him in a last, loving embrace as he was helped to Bridge. Teddy Bear is buried under the tree he loved to lie beneath while he was in Ginny's care. We mourned him, but were comforted in the knowledge that he lived a very long life. Adieu, Teddy Bear, we know you're watching over us and caring for the young ones we lost.