February 7,2003

It is with tears, that I report that yesterday little Sadie, who was being fostered by our Katrina (with a K) took her last breath while playing, and crossed over the bridge.

Katrina was outside playing with Sadie and her other dogs and without any signs at all, Sadie just dropped. She was fine and playing one-second and the next she was on her way over the bridge. Her cause of death is unknown, this could have been a massive heart attack, aneurysm or possibly a seizure of some sort.

I know you all share the grief that the Board has in the loss of Katrina's Sadie. I know you also celebrate the love and the happy life that Sadie had while at Katrina's. Bless you Sadie, and bless you Katrina. Our prayers are with you as is our appreciation.