January 28,2003

Dear Friends,
It is with a heavy heart and streaming tears that I must tell you that Colonel Potter lost a little soul today. Keely was put to rest today after all possible options had been exhausted. This is a bit of her history.

Keely came to us from Indianapolis. She was a stray in a shelter when a wonderful lady adopted her. The lady was already in the adoption process with Westie Rescue for a Scottie. She contacted CPCRN and we took little Keely. Thank you Lori for giving Keely the chance to know love and care.

When Keely came into my arms, she was suffering with severe pancreatitus. She was very sick and we weren't sure we could restore her health. True to her Cairn nature, she fought back and was soon on her feet and feeling better.

Unfortunately, she had something painful in her head and heart that prevented her from being able to relax and absorb the love and care we were surrounding her with. On five separate occasions she bit me. The first bite occurred when I attempted to take something away from her. The subsequent bites were unprovoked, unexpected, and unpredictable. One bite occurred after she had initiated attention from me and I was loving her and holding her in my lap.

Keely's back legs were not quite right and we were holding out hope that she was in pain from some condition that was making her turn on me. However, in pain or not, she was alpha rolled several times. While on her back she would continue to thrash about and strain to bite me. It was as if someone flipped a switch and she was a different dog. She loved to lay in my arms while I brushed her. She would sleep on my lap for hours and I would pray that she would be in loving arms of her forever home very soon.

This was not meant to be. This morning she went to the vet to have a complete physical exam to see if we could find something to explain her behavior. They sedated her in order to take x-rays and check her teeth and the rest of her little body. Please let there be something wrong.

Her little body had suffered before. Her hip had been dislocated and the femoral head had been removed. It was impossible to guess her age because of the wear and tear on her body. Untreated ear infections had caused her right ear to fold over. Her vision was diminished and she was completely deaf. She was very isolated in her little world: she was fighting her demons alone.

Keely turned on her Doctor today. She had to be carried from the room by her scruff: gnashing her teeth and growling, whipping her head and straining to bite. I then found out that when she was hospitalized for pancreatitus she had bit the Vet Tech 2 times.

I left her with the vet for evaluation and tests. Our vet just called and gave me the bad news that there is nothing physically wrong with her that could explain or justify the viciousness she has displayed.

His educated opinion is that she is dangerous and no amount of behavior modification or love would reduce these episodes. After speaking with Danielle, the impossible decision was made to give her release from this life: to let her stop fighting and know peace. No longer will she have to fear being touched: fear being loved and cradled in the arms of love.

I wish I had known you before you had given up on humans.
I wish with all my heart that my arms could have protected you from the pain and suffering that has ravaged your soul.
Run free Keely, your time is now.
Shake off the shackles of a worn body and spirit.
You are forever loved and held in my heart.
A bright light will shine from Heaven tonight and forever; the light of love that was dimmed by this life.
Shine on and know the light of our love, my Keely.

We will continue with our mission of trying to help as many as we can. We will also loose some battles such as we did with sweet Keely. We will take pride that Keely slept in warm arms, was loved and treated with dignity and respect. We mourn your dear sweet life Keely, but we will try again with another little soul just like you, for it is the victories and the happy placements we must remember, not the sorrow and the pain of loosing one that we all had such hopes for.

Keely's Whole Story