Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 7:35 AM
Subject: Please light a candle for "Gumbo"...he passed last night
I talked to Dr. Woodward again this morning as planned...and was deeply saddened to learn that "Gumbo" died during the night. He apparently ruptured a blood vessel coughing and that combined with the heartworms just was too much for him. He was the little boy in the purple collar.
... I feel so badly about "Gumbo"...I told Dr. Woodward that we usually cremate the bodies and send them to Danielle's cairn cemetery. ... He asked me to call back, though, once I knew what arrangements were wanted.
Poor "Gumbo"! Hard to start the day this way...crying as I start to trade...glad he's in a better place now, though, with no coughing and no pain...