February 23, 2003

Dear Friends:
Little ten year old Dixie in New Hampshire lost her battle with breast cancer tonight, and her foster Mom Melissa took her for her last car ride to help her cross over the bridge.

Dixie had breast cancer when we got her. She had surgery, and although they were able to remove many of the tumors/nodules, they were not able to remove them all. Dixie spent most of her days with her foster Mom feeling really quite well and she certainly was happy and very much loved. The past several weeks she has been fighting what we hoped was a really bad inner ear infection since she was having a horrible time with her equilibrium. She has been to the vet and emergency. The hard decision was made by Melissa to allow her days now to be without pain.

Please light a candle for Dixie, and say a prayer for Melissa since we all know she is in tremendous pain and hurt right now. She gave totally of herself for Dixie.