February 7, 2004

Dear friends in rescue:
It is with sorrow that I also report that a most precious little old guy Charlie, who has been in foster care with Kay in Alabama, left for the Rainbow bridge this morning. Charlie was a little ten year old who we have been treating for heartworm, a tumor which possibly could have been melanoma. He also had severe corneal scarring and a chronic ear infections, and possibly liver disease on top of all of the above, HOWEVER, there WAS hope that his ailments, depending upon what they actually turned out to be could be cared for and he could live happily ever after for. Please, once again, light a candle for Charlie to help guide him on a safe and pain free journey as he goes to meet his friends.

Note from his Foster Mom

When I was getting dressed this morning I noticed his breathing was very shallow and fast, so I took him to my vet as soon as I thought they would be open. They gave him cortisone and fluids IV and a chest xray. His little lungs were full of fluid, vet thinks he probably had a blood clot. Vet called me about 8:55 and before I could get there (only 10 minutes away) the sweetheart left us. Bless his sweet little heart, I will sure miss that boy.

Charlie deserved so much more than he got out of this life, he was a sweetheart of a little boy. I would pick him up to take him to bed with me (yes, he slept with me!) and hold him in my arms on his back, just so I could get kisses from him! He was a very special little boy to have around and my mother and I will both miss him. I have asked my vet to have his body cremated and will send the ashes to you so he can be buried in your garden with the other Col. Potter kids.


Charlie is a very sweet little boy who gives kisses, but on HIS terms! LOL!! He is a little overweight at 18 lbs. He sometimes walks, sometimes runs and sometimes hops like a bunny!! We are not sure how old this precious boy is, but the thinking is around 10 years. He doesn't see out of one eye at all, and the other one isn't very good and I have been putting antibiotic ointment in them each day. He still manages to get around my house and yard just fine. He likes all of the other dogs currently residing at my house, big and small, male and female. He loves to eat and loves his doggie treats. He also likes a chewy now and then. When Charlie barks, he sounds more like a seal than a dog! I know that sometimes a dog who doesn't hear will have an unusual sounding bark, but I believe Charlie hears pretty well. Right now since he is still undergoing heartworm treatment, he is spending most of his time in a crate. He isn't completely housebroken, but is getting better. He is up to date on his vaccinations. Charlie has a few lumps and bumps on his body, but without doing a biopsy, my vet thinks they are probably harmless fatty tumors He has already been neutered and will make a very loving companion for someone who is looking for someone to snuggle and take naps!