Daughter of Harvest
born and died Thanksgiving 2004
 November 23th, 2004

It's Thanksgiving week and Harvest went into labor yesterday, November 22nd, 2004 around 4:30pm. By 8:14pm that day we had news that she had given birth to Brianna, Britany, and Blake. Harvest's evening wasn't over yet as we were still waiting on one more of the "B" Thankfuls to arrive.

Bliss, the final "B" Thankful, was born later that evening. The vet did her best to get Bliss over the hump, but she was very small and weak. Bliss died this morning after a long night and I guess the Mommy terrier mix that died the morning Bliss was born needed a baby to love in heaven.

Harvest is doing fine, she is being the BEST LITTLE MOM! When I pick up new puppies from the vet's, I always carry them back and forth in a heart shaped basket; it is not really huge. Well Harvest saw the kiddos in the basket and jumped in made herself small in a circle around them, and that is how we came home...

Karen, MS