November 13th, 2004

Today in Col. Potter, we saved five dogs at an auction and gave them life, foster dogs left for their forever home to start their new lives.

Today... our hearts also went out to Barley and the wonderful family he knew in his last days as his foster family, very sadly, Barley's final journey was over the Rainbow Bridge.

Barley was a shelter surrender from another family. They said they couldn't afford him anymore. He was 12 years old with some vision issues. With intakes, one never knows the true background of any shelter surrender. We pray that when the shelter is able to give us a reason for a turn in, that the reason is, at least, in the realm of being truthful or realistic. We questioned the comment about not being able to afford to keep him, since most people who have had a dog for 12 years would sell a kidney to be able to keep a dog.

We were soon to learn that the reason Barley was surrendered to the shelter had to do with prior aggression... not the financial factor, as stated.

His foster family gave him love that was unconditional, worked with him to try and ease the intense drive that made him want to dig and chase vermin so badly he lost control and could not be trusted. His gentler side disappeared in these moments. Despite limiting his area to dig and chase the vermin he so badly wanted... Barley could not control himself and would lash out at anyone trying to stop him.

Taking the "boy out of the country" wouldn't help Barley, as he was also aggressive inside the house without cause, and sadly even bit three times while being boardedat the vet'sduring his 10-dayrabies observation. The problems he had when he came into rescue were long term ones. At first, we were not sure if Barley's vision played a factor... but he could still see, so we were not dealing with a blind dog. Barley's issues were not caused by blindness. We did evaluations, we soul searched, but in the end his problems could not be tempered. Poor little guy. We all feel so badly about him. The sad truth is, when you know a furkid has bitten multiple times and you know he'll keep doing so, adoption can never be an option. This is just one of those times where you wished that his prior family had taken him to the vet instead of to the shelter. There would have been so much less confusion in his last weeks of life... but he received the gift of great love at Maria's... we were able to at least give him that.

 Thank you Maria for loving him enough to do what was in his best interests.

As with most of the kids who have uncontrollable aggression the majority of his time was spent being a kissy boy, a loving cairn who adored love and affection and cuddles and skritches. He was in turn loved and adored by his foster family. It hurt them terribly to have to say goodbye to Barley. Today Barley is free to chase and catch all the vermin he wants. He can see like a young boy again, no more shadows in his eyes caused by the cataracts that had begin to creep in. No more torment about being stopped in the love of his life, catching those mice!

Thank you Maria and Family, we love you. Our hearts ache with yours.

Get 'em Barley! Get each and every one!

Karen, MS
Danielle, CA
For Barley .....

A Face That Adored Me With Shining Eyes
Sweet The Kisses In Abundant Supply

You Passed Through My Life Like A Bright Shooting Star
In A Heavenly Nighttime Sky!

Run Free Little Ole Barley!

I Will Always Remember You Little Man ....
And Smile Through My Tears With Love

Your Foster Mom,
Maria, NH