Athena's Babies

Athena is the name for the bright-eyed goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology. Our own little bright-eyed Athena came into the rescue program from a life spent in a breeding situation. We quickly learned that she had been expecting puppies again and we prepared to welcome her new arrivals into the world.

Sadly on January 23rd, 2004, when the time came for Athena's puppies to be born, she had serious difficulties during the delivery. A C-section was performed, but unfortunately all four of the puppies did not survive. They are deeply grieved here in CPCRN.

Athena has since recovered from her surgery. This sweet little wheaton girl was very shy, but also eager to know what living with people was like. She wagged her tail at us and bravely took treats from our hands, but still shied away when hands reached out for her. Slowly, she learned what it meant to be loved, cherished, and protected. Athena was just waiting to be treated like somebody's own little goddess. She has been adopted, and she is now someone's beloved companion.

Athena was adopted on 3/31/04