Angelica was rescued April 5th, 2004 when we received a message from the Humane Society of Missouri. They told us that a puppy mill had just been shut down and they had four Cairns, two boys and two girls. They were clearly not in good shape. They had been badly neglected and had numerous dental issues, including missing teeth, eye infections, etc. We were told that Angelica was not social at all.

CPCRN quickly stepped in and pulled them from the shelter for vetting and temporary boarding. Angelica was in such deplorable physical condition. She had been penned up for years and the neglect to her health had severely damaged her temperament and spirit. She was unresponsive and would not let anyone near her. While EVERYONE was glad we took them in, hopes were not high that Angelica could be saved. From the first person on, they told us that she could not be helped, but still we pushed forward. Eventually the hard decision was made that the only thing we could do for her was to give her the peace she desperately needed after so many years of neglect.