Mishiu was my first foster. He was an older gentleman and weighed a whopping 33 pounds. He was loved for 12 years and it was an act of love when his family surrendered him to CPCRN.

Separation from his family was difficult for Mishiu. He was scared and confused and had a tendency to bite, targeting the face. He could be extremely friendly and lovable but when attention wasn't focused on him, he would jump up and snap. Unfortunately, one day he bit my daughter, Kristen, on the face and she received 20+ stitches on her cheek.

Mishiu's unpredictability was too big a risk for placement and it was a sad day when we sent Mishiu to the Rainbow Bridge. He was more than just a dog that bit, he was a dear soul that needed love and it hurt to think I had failed him.

My daughter keeps his picture on her dresser and refers to her scar as a "Kiss from Mishiu." Kristen remembers Mishiu with love as does everyone in my family.