Dougall was taken into rescue by The Cairn Terrier Club of Canada. Dougall was purchased as a puppy and apparently left in his back yard for five years so is now afraid to go outside after dark because he's afraid he'll be left there again. A wonderful trainer worked with Dougall and made a great amount of progress but he still was not adoptable.

Dougall was moved to the US for a third chance. Sadly he continued to be very aggressive.

October 16, 2002

It is with the greatest sadness that I tell you that Bonnie's little Dougall will be held and loved tonight as he passes over the rainbow bridge for greater emotional freedom. He is sedated as I write this, and the Vet promises to hold him and love him as he passes on.

Dougall is CPCRN's little boy that prior to our taking him into rescue was under the love and care of Barbara Nielson, the Ontario Canada Cairn Terrier Club. Dougall had some emotional issues prior to getting him, which exacerbated. Dougall, under the loving and professional tutelage of Bonnie and Alan aggressively bit without provocation Bonnie on two occasions (and bit her very badly, I might add). Because of these two bites, and realizing that he had bitten at least one prior time prior to coming into our care (probably more as we would suspect now while at the original owners home), CPCRN, along with Bonnie's wonderful vet, determined that Dougall has a psychological problem and that he would be happier and free of pain if he were allowed to cross over the bridge.

I just hung up from talking to Bonnie's vet, where both of us were crying on the phone, feeling so badly here, but realizing that this is the best choice for Dougall. I am in tears as I know you are. Bless you Bonnie and Alan . . . Bonnie will carry scars of remembrance for a long time of her little foster guy Dougall who we sure tried to help, along with Barbara.

Please light your Col. Potter Candle and wish Dougall a happy journey over the bridge and a new life that is free of emotional pain. We love you Dougall, and we sure love you Bonnie, Alan and Barbara. Thanks so much for trying here. Dougall's ashes will be sent to Greyfriar where he will be buried in our memory garden along with his other friends who also went over the bridge.