Col. Potter by Roger Kibbee Copyright 2001

Col. Potter Remembered
In Celebration of his Life

by Patti McCully

One night, my kids and I made the following list. The list reminds me of all the cute things Col. Potter did and all the fun times we had with the dog who made me fall in love with a new breed.

What I Miss About Colonel Potter . . .

  • I miss being greeted by his happy little smiling face each day when I walked in the door
  • I miss him sleeping between my feet
  • I miss him curled up at my feet when I'm on the computer
  • I miss his begging for bagels and people food
  • I miss his gentle way of taking the food from your fingers
  • I miss seeing him gently take food from my Erin's lips
  • I miss seeing him walk around on his hind legs
  • I miss watching him leap
  • I miss looking for him in his hiding places
  • I miss him pulling on the leash, ("faster, Mom! Faster!")
  • I miss being ignored when I told him what to do
  • I miss his obedience when I held a cookie or treat
  • I miss his barking when the newspaper hits my porch
  • I miss seeing him strut, all big and tough, around other dogs, yet never even try to be top dog
  • I miss seeing him walk up and down Chuck's body while he's sleeping, stopping to look into his face to see if he's really asleep
  • I miss him walking in front of me when my friend held his leash and him walking in front of my friend when I held his leash. He always had to be in front of us both!
  • I miss his friendly little greeting growl
  • I miss watching Lucy, the kitty, learn to tolerate him and then learn to love him
  • I miss getting kisses when I needed them
  • I miss holding him
  • I miss watching him trot down the hallway around 8:00 each night, turning to look at me as if to say "come on, Mom, its bedtime!"
  • I miss playing tug of war and fetch
  • I miss his sneaky kisses (not paying attention to you mom, oops! There comes a kiss! Couldn't help myself!)
  • I miss seeing him sleeping on the couch
  • I miss watching him wrestle with Kelsey
  • I miss how he made Kelsey young again
  • I miss how he would pretend to attack while playing, and then lick you instead
  • I miss how he always walked ahead of us but was always checking to make sure we were still right behind him holding the leash.
  • I miss him squeaking on his toys
  • I miss watching him steal snacks from Buddie's jowls
  • I miss him carrying his leash; even while we were walking, he always carried part of it in his mouth
  • I miss seeing him walk Kelsey
  • I miss his alert little stance while he was guarding our front door, tail straight up, head held high, looking for the intruder
  • I miss the radar motion of his ears
  • I miss him running like an Irish Setter
  • I miss his ears and tongue flapping in the breeze
  • I miss watching my eighteen-year-old son cuddle him like a baby
  • I miss him following us around
  • I miss seeing him in his butterfly leg position
  • I miss him sitting up with his back legs out straight in front
  • I miss seeing his little face peeking out from between the drapes when I drive away and when I come back home
  • I miss him sitting next to me in his chair at the dining room table
  • I miss seeing him lay in the back yard in the sun
  • I miss hearing him softly whine and then turn to see him sitting on the chopping block eyeing the cat food.
  • I miss him chewing on this bone all night long
  • I miss him leaping onto the kitchen stools
  • I miss him hopping into the birdbath
  • I miss watching him swim in a lake, in his water dish, or where ever there was water
  • I miss seeing him greet the elderly people from the assisted living facility up the street
  • I miss his huge ears and long tongue
  • I miss cuddling him as he was waking up
  • I miss his puzzled quizzical expressions
  • I miss his squeals of delight when he would get into the greenbelt or the park
  • I miss his unique way of counter-surfing--walking on the countertops.
  • I miss watching him drink out of the toilet
  • I miss how he loved every person in the family equally
  • I miss how every person in the family loved him
  • I miss how he was always with us