We Wouldn't Have To Cry
If we didn't take in the old dogs...
If we didn't take in dogs with heartworm or other severe illness...
If knowing a dog bit someone would be cause to turn him down...
If we ignored puppy mill dogs; they need so much vetting,and many are so sick...
If we didn't take in dogs because fosters nearby were full; thus requiring long transports...
Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network!

We take in the sick, the old, the nasty... and in many cases we turn them around. BUT some will always be too old, too sick, or too vicious to make it outany other way but the Rainbow Bridge.

When you take a chance on a dog most rescues would turn down.. you can'talways come out happy. But you can be at peace knowing you TRIED, that ifnothing else, you CARED. And that the poor soul you are saying goodbye toWAS LOVED when that may never have been true in their lives before.

Once a foster has passed, the foster family may choose to bury the remains at their own home. Otherwise, the foster dog's remains are cremated and their ashes are sent to be buried in the Greyfriar Cemetery in California.

The background photo of this web page is a view of their final resting place near the statue of St. Francis at the Greyfriar Cemetery.

Please meet our Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Angels
2002 and before